The experiment continues

So far, writing a blog has been quite fun. It has been particularly interesting seeing how quickly I switched from “Oh my goodness this is embarrassing, please, everyone, just ignore me” to “WHY AREN’T YOU READING MY BLOG I THOUGHT YOU WERE A FRIEND/ACQUAINTANCE/HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER”.

A couple of friends have let me know they are reading and enjoying these posts. Heartfelt thanks go out to you guys.

One chap in particular, Jason, surprised me by saying that I had inspired him to blow the dust off his own blog. Terribly flattering, and in time he may actually curse my name, but still.

It’s called InvertMouse or maybe Invert Mouse or maybe INVERTMOUSE (remember, I’m still new to this). It’s here. Check it out.

Jason – a word of warning. You might want to splash out on more bandwidth to handle the hammering that my reader will deliver unto thee.

No, that wasn’t a typo.

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