Perfect Timing

Here is an idea for an app that struck me on the walk to work this morning.

What if you could guarantee a playlist that lasted the perfect amount of time, door to door, without fiddling around with your music for ages?

  1. Fire up the Perfect Timing app, and tell it that you’re about to start your walk to work, or school, or wherever. Start the timer.
  2. When you get there, stop the timer. You can play whatever music you like during this process, this is just calibration.
  3. You can move onto the playlist phase immediately, but the more you time the journey the more accurate it’ll be overall.
  4. Once you give it the all-clear, the app searches your music, cross-checks against the time of the journey (say, 15m 32s) and fills that duration as neatly as possible in a custom playlist
  5. It tries to order them in a sensible way based on genre, but…
  6. It also allows you to drag and drop them into any order you like
  7. If you have enough songs, it creates multiple lists based on genre or artist
  8. It will shuffle these playlists until/unless you pick one, or pick an order for them
  9. ???
  10. Profit
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