Another quick app idea – this time it’s a game.

You are a zombie.

You are one of many, roaming around a simple post-apocalyptic environment, stumbling after lone human survivors.

In this first phase, the game is simply – find human, catch human, eat human. You are hungry, and they are the only source of food.

Of course, your zombie pals are all just as hungry as you. At first you will probably only be able to snag a body part at a time.

  • If you eat a lower limb, your movement speed increases slightly.
  • If you chow down on torso, your hit points increase slightly.
  • If you eat an upper limb, your clawing attacks do more damage to the living.
  • The real prize, of course, is the brain. Eat one of those, and your intelligence increases slightly.

The first three just make you more more affective generally. The fourth slowly unlocks new abilities.

At first, you’ll just be able to figure our basic stuff, like how to open doors. As you level up, you’ll be able to operate simple machinery. Maybe even a gun. You’ll also start having the power to order other zombies around. There will be a variety of units, from basic walkers to big brutes and – of course – zombie dogs, or zogs.

As you progress, the threats you encounter are more serious. Humans band together, and have weapons. Booby traps. Vehicles.

Your mindless urge to feast on living flesh has become something different. A calculating desire to wipe out humanity forever.

Lay siege to improvised forts. Order units of zombie soldiers around a battlefield. You are the horde in this horde mode. Get high scores, compare them with those of your friends, yadda yadda.

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