An idea for a website. And, I guess, an accompanying app (because if your website doesn’t have an app these days, I mean… are you even trying at all?).

I am not a fussy eater. By which I mean that yes, I am quite a fussy eater, but my ability to gauge it objectively is flawed at best. I don’t like olives, cooked mushrooms, mustard, garlic, most seafood, aubergine, horseradish, etc. etc.

My ideas is for a recipe website that specifically allows you to cater for every possible whim and requirement of those partaking in a particular meal.

It would also suggest recipes based on the food you have available.

For example.

1) Define the restrictions – vegetarian, vegan, allergies, or just whiny about olives (like me)

2) If you are going to be using the site on a regular basis, you can set up profiles. David is a vegetarian who doesn’t like chillies. Sarah is a coeliac who can’t stand sundried tomatoes. Whatever. Set ’em up so, next time, it’s much easier to just tick the Sarah and David boxes.

3) At this point, you can just click a button to produce a list of suitable recipes. These are determined by cross-checking the restrictions against a database of recipes and ingredients. This is something I assume that can be bought from somewhere. Right? You can of course add recipes of your own.

4) If you want to go one step further, you can also give it a list of the ingredients you have to hand at that moment. It will then filter the list even further to let you know which delicious dishes you can make given a) the requirements of your guests and b) your poorly-stocked fridge and cupboards.

5) That’s basically it. If you want to get fancy, I guess you could have the website say “Well, you have 95% of the ingredients you need for a tasty Spanish omelette, and according to Google maps there’s a supermarket less than eight minutes walk which is open right now”. You know. Fancy.

I actually once contacted the owners of http://www.fussyeater.com, asking how much it would cost to buy. You know, in case it turned out to be eleven dollars or something.

Yeah, it was more than that.

Quite a lot more than that.

Oh well.

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