Nom d’Internet

There’s this small, quite specific thing that always strikes me as interesting when nerd/internet culture collides with the ‘real world’.

You know how lots of us have made-up names we use over and over again in e-mail addresses, forums, computer games etc.? I have “Drake Lazarus”, as explained in this early post.

We get comfortable with these ‘nom d’internet’, and then some of us get famous using them. YouTubers, for example. They get interviewed. By actual real people, out loud.

And then you have that wonderful, delicious moment, where a reporter looks seriously at a pale, slightly pudgy teenager, and says “So, PokeMonkey98. What did you think when you reached ten million followers?”

Way back when, I think most people just picked something that meant something to them, or sounded cool. Or rather, some mispelled variation, because the original version was inevitably taken. Hey there, Lego1ass. How’s it going, BckStrtByzRTHEBEST?

Teenagers these days must do it differently, right? Do they see other teenagers making millions on YouTube, and engineer their first username accordingly? Something easily spelled, pronounced, and remembered?

Are there seminars about this stuff? I bet there are.

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