The Superhero Game!

This is awesome.

As a teenager, I played a little bit of the Marvel Superheroes pen-and-paper RPG. It must have been a hell of a lot of work just converting the thousands of existing characters in their universe to this system, stats and all.

Anyway. Like many of my RPG experiences, it was hamstrung by a lack of available players. I still have fun, but mostly by creating characters. You’d just get a d100 and roll a few times on this huge table of powers, get three random results, and see if you could come up with a way of explaining that combination somehow.

Have a go! Seriously!

Go here:

And use this:

Roll yourself three powers (six rolls in total, three to get the categories, then another three within those categories), then create your own hero! No re-rolls, ’cause that would defeat the point.

Here’s what I got, for example:

96 (Travel), 52 (Matter Conversion), and 42 (Matter Control)


85 (Water Walking), 91 (Weight Manipulation), and 94 (Weather Control)


Okay, so she walks on water, can make things lighter or heavier/slow down speed up, and controls the weather.

Psi-Clone! Created in a lab by an ambitious but arrogant scientist, she gained sentience – and tremendous powers – during a tropical storm that smashed the lab to pieces!

Escaping into the chaos, she floated over the water, then up into the very heart of the storm!

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